L&F WEDDING | SINGAPORE . Pre-Wedding Sneakpeek Series 03

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Wow it's just a 3 days away from #FideLeonWedding! 
It's crazy how much we put in into ONE day isn't it? 

After last saturday's Bachelorette party (thank you my awesome girls Carrie, nadnut, Gwennie and Shirley for throwing me such a fun one and cutting me some slack from your sabo plans!! haha) I'm feeling a little sick now, have been a little feverish for this past 2 days and this annoying scratchy throat and dry cough but i've been spamming manuka honey drinks + Vit C + Cod liver oil and panadol and hoping that it goes way quickly, can't afford to be sick since we're flying on the red eye flight for our honeymoon the very next day! :D

So far all the wedding planning has been good, our co-ordinator, David from the hotel (The Village Hotel, Changi) has been faaaaabulous and he's really so passionate about making our special day the best ever and I hope we haven't troubled him too much but so far he's been so wonderful and accomodating to all our requests. 

Phew! Thank God!

PS: I've been sharing a series of these pre-wedding photos sneakpeeks shot by the talented Jeremy from AlvinAdeline & Co

If you haven't seen them, hereyou go!

The last of the 3 series of photos was shot at Folk Collective, this Thai restaurant that has the coolest decor ever, Jeremy was the one who suggested this place and we're so glad we gave this place a try! The food there is so delicious and they didn't even charge us a single cent for shooting at their place and pretty much taking over the whole restaurant for the shoot haha.

Wedding gowns: The Gown Warehouse
Suits: Groom's own
Hair + Makeup: Roselyn

PS! If you're also looking out for your dream photographer for your upcoming pre-wedding shoot, AlvinAdeline &Co is extending a special rate exclusively to TheLuckiestChick's readers!

To find out more of the above package details, all you have to do is write in to AlvinAdeline & Co at, and remember to quote promo code: "FIDELEONAA".

T&C: Valid till 15 JAN 2015

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

[Ad] Yo What's up? Jelly Belly + Thunder Thighs!

Monday, November 10, 2014


I think if there's one body issue every girl is concerned about, that would definitely be lower body fats! Like a jelly-ish lower belly, thunder thighs etc, i'm sure even some skinny girls are bogged with this annoying problem since most of us Singapore ladies generally work in offices and we just cannot run away from habits cultivated from working in an office! 

Habits such as sitting and working right after lunch time (no time to walk around in the office to wait for my lunch to slowly digest hello! work piles up every single second people!) 

Tea breaks at 3pm when your pantry in-charge comes around asking if you want a yummy sandwich/snack, it's always hard to refuse but you want a break from working and staring at your computer and a little chit chat time with your colleagues right?

How, you tell me how! LOL

Dorra Slimming invited me for quick treatment at their Kovan branch 
(just 10 mins away from my home, yay!)

Do you know that they focus on lower body fat slimming? 
Yeah! That's right, they only target your annoying jelly belly and thunder thighs!
While waiting at the reception for my consultant to get ready.

Time for a quick weigh-in prior to the treatment 
and basic assesment of water/fat/muscle mass in the body

The consultant explained that all the products used during the treatment is in-house and researched + produced to target slimming of lower body fats.

Hahaha can probably see all my problematic areas from here, 
jelly jelly fats and cellulite everywhere! *face palm*

Basically they will do doing a session of the Bye Bye Fat Treatment, haha such a cute name but power ok! It's supposed to be able to burn 3000 Kcal within one short 40 minutes session which is equivilent to a 10km run! Hahaha i've never, never, NEVER ran anything further than my compulsory 2.4km run in physical education, so seriously 10km?! That's freaking amaze-balls!

My consultant first applied this 2 types of Dorra Booster on my lower belly and thigh areas which will deeply penetrate and increase the fat burning process from the machine used later in the treatment.

Next up, using the "Hammer Roll" which soften fat cells and effects is enchanced with the application of the booster, followed by a shaping massage on problem areas with Dorra's Oxygel.

And the treatment is done!

It's the fastest slimming treatment I have gone for! And fast is awesome!
Seriously who has time to go for those 2-3 hours slimming treatment where you have to go to the steamroom.. then hot blanket..etc etc which is usually pretty uncomfortable and it's way too long and tiring after a whole long day of work.

In fact, most Dorra treatments last for about 40 mins or so, making it a breeze to go for a treatment after work and even have time to grab a couple drinks with friends after treatment before resting for the night. (:

Here are some slimming tips from Dorra:

FYI, If you would like to try out this quickie slimming treatment and see if it works for you, you can sign up here to enjoy the below promotions!

For more information:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

The Boiler - Gimme my succulent yummilicious PRAWNS NAO!!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Hello you!

13 more days to #FideLeonWedding! For me and my mum, It's officially wedding D.I.Y CRAZY TIME over at my place, starting to feel a little anxious.. 

Anyway, awhile ago (yeah i'm saying AWHILE ago because i don't want to remind myself how long i have been procrastinating this) I was invited to The Boiler by my lovely bridesmaid Carrie for a food tasting session and I brought the fiance along! Huge fans of seafood so I was super looking forward to this!

Gave myself some beachy waves for our triple dinner date cause we're having seafood haha although we're nowhere near a beach. Spritz on some sea salt spray to make my hair even BIGGER! Vava-voom!

LOL leon wore his tuna t-shirt cos we're having seafood!

Yums! Surprisingly they are located pretty near my ex-office at macpherson area! So if you're looking for a yummy cajun seafood night out after work at you work around ubi/macpherson area, lucky you!!

FYI this is the crowd on a tuesday night, FULLY PACKED ok! So if you're thinking of making a trip down, do make reservations beforehand, just in case.

LOL not fair my head so bloody big cos i'm holding the cammie!

Can't wait for the Cajun seafood awesomeness! Slappin' on my plastic bib and getting ready for my lobster/prawns/shellfish!!!

I had their Beerita (yeah you read it right, Beer-rita, not Marga-rita!) which was really refreshing and quite and interesting twist! I like it and I'll definitely order this again the next time i'm there.

Hello Mr. Lobster! Gimme gimme now!!! 

There are 2 seafood bag choices, you choose which type you want and then the sauce you like, I honestly love love love their prawns because it's oh-so-succulent and my favourite sauce is Garlic Butter but The Works is really good too.

Boiler's Bombdiggity Bag
(Dungeness/brown crab, prawns,
mussels, clams, sausages, corn & bun)

Boiler's Duo Bag
(Prawns, mussels, clams, sausages, corn & bun)

The Works, Garlic Butter, Peppa' Butter

DARLING! pluck me some yummeh succulent prawns NAO!!

Craving for more of them succulent prawns!! I would so go back now for a HUGEASS bag of prawns with Peppa' Butter, my ohhhhh my. Lol I was greedily grabbing for my second prawn even while the fiance was still taking photos of the good ol' mess of food!

Awww, I love you babe.

We had like 4 bags of seafood and 2 lobsters and lots of fried food, totally satisfied!

With my darlin' nadnut & Esther with our other half(s) lol talking about our future HDBs all night!

Seriously, don't only go for their seafood bags because their fish and chip is soooo good! We especially loooove the chips because you can also scoop the sause from the seafood bag and eat it that day, yums!

We also had the:
  • Bacon Shrimp with Hickory BBQ sauce 
  • Southern Chicks & Waffles 
  • Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings
Oh i love the Southern Chicks and Waffles! Yeah fried chicken and waffles sounds like the weirdest combination ever but once that awesome bite hops into your mouth i'm sure you'll love it!

We had fried durian for dessert too! Whoa the durian is really gao gao and superb! Really nothing bad to say about our dining experience, we went home feeling so so so satisfied!

Wondering when is my next visit there, after the honeymoon perhaps?

★ Eat: The Boiler

18 Howard Rd
#01-06, Novelty Bizcentre Singapore 369585
 Tel: +65 6635 1285

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.